Ukash Virus

What is Ukash Virus?

Ukash Virus (Ukash Police Virus) is ransomware infection, which tries to steal your money. This police virus infects a lot of computers and tries to frighten PC users into thinking that they did something illegal, for example, downloaded copyrighted music, videos and etc. Besides, Ukash Virus is a very convincing as it uses official local or country’s police institution alerts. It is important to mention that these alerts could be shown in different languages, based on the regions targeted. Ukash Virus has many versions such as, FBI moneypak virus, Canadian Security Intelligence Service Virus or Metropolitan Police.

Ukash Virus Ukash Virus

How Ukash Virus works?

Most of the people have no idea how they were caught by Ukash Virus. The infection can sometimes come from even seemingly legitimate applications, flash updates, video codecs, Bundled downloads, trojans, spam email attachments, black hat SEO, social engineering scams or encrypted software. When people are caught by the Ukash Virus their computers are immediately locked. This infection completely blocks internet connection, Registry editor, Task Manager and other executable files. Computer Users are left with the locked screen where only fake alerts can be seen. The alerts usually state that if you will pay $100 or $200 your computer will be unlocked in 24 hours. All in all, it’s a huge lie, because Ukash Virus is such which cannot be removed, so, your system won’t be unblocked, even if you pay a required amount of money.

Ukash Virus Video Removal Guide

A) How to remove Ukash Virus?

Step by Step Ukash Virus Removal Instructions

  1. Reboot your computer
  2. While Restarting, press F8
  3. Choose “Safe Mode With Networking
  4. When computer Boots Up download Spyhunter (100% tested tool) -
  5. Install SpyHunter in Safe Mode with Networking and remove Ukash Virus infection
  6. Restart your PC.
  7. For Windows XP users : enter “msconfig” into Run box, then navigate to Startup tab from the appeared menu and hit Disable All. Restart the Computer into normal mode and install the removal software.

B) How to remove Ukash Virus?

Step by Step Ukash Virus removal Instructions

  1. Download reputable anti-spyware program like Spyhunter into another computer or your mobile phone
  2. Upload it to your USB drive or Burn a CD
  3. Reboot the PC into “Safe Mode”
  4. Insert the USB drive or CD disk into the Computer and launch the malware removal tool


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